2019-2020 School Day Changes for Stowe Schools

For the 2019-2020 school year, the school day will be eight minutes longer for all Stowe schools.  

Classes at Stowe Middle and High Schools will begin at 8:00am, as they currently do, and the school day will end at 2:43pm.  

Stowe Elementary School classes will begin at 8:10am and the day will end at 2:53pm.

The addition of eight minutes to the school day provides increased flexibility within our school day, allowing us to better meet the instructional needs of our students.  

At Stowe Elementary School the additional time will allow us to improve supports for students by adding closing circles to our school day. Additionally, we will be able to continue to improve our end-of-day student pick up procedures.  

At Stowe Middle School, the additional time will be used to increase student choice of electives and more collaborative teaching for core academics.  

At Stowe High School, the slightly longer day will give students more time between classes to check in with teachers. It will also allow for two 40 minute TA/Flex periods.  TA/Flex time ensures that students have support with all of their responsibilities as learners, including successful completion of Anagnorisis, and it provides time for students and teachers to work together on areas where a student might need more instruction or time to demonstrate proficiency.  

At both SMS and SHS the schedule reduces conflicts with band and chorus, helping to reduce the need for students to choose between music and other courses that are offered only once, such as an AP or course that may be required.

We will be in communication with community partners who offer after-school programs about the changes to the end of the school day.  We understand the importance of after-school programming for our students and families and want to ensure that our partners have advanced notice of the updated school dismissal times for their planning purposes.

If you have questions, please reach out to Dan Morrison or Marty Lacasse.

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