Global Climate Event - September 20, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Tomorrow, September 20, students across the country are planning a walkout to raise awareness about the climate crisis.  Several students at Stowe High School expressed an interest in organizing an event on campus which was supported.  However, they decided not to continue these efforts. Therefore, at this time Stowe High School will not be hosting a climate walkout.  It is the expectation that all students are attending their classes tomorrow for the full day.  As stated in our handbook, if a student is not present at school or in class they will be marked absent unexcused.  If the student is an athlete they will not be able to participate in practice or a game/match and are responsible for any missed work.

If you know that your student will not be present tomorrow we would appreciate you communicating this with our main office to ensure our students’ safety. This lets us know that you are aware that they will not be on school grounds nor under our supervision.

As noted in an Agency of Education field memorandum: “Vermont has a strong tradition of student voice, and we celebrate our students for their efforts to engage in and positively shape the future of our state.  And at a time like this, we need to hear our students’ voices more than ever.  That said, the right to free speech does not extend to disrupting classes (which prevents others from learning), nor to leaving school without permission (which potentially causes a safety threat).”

Student voice and engagement is an important part of a student’s experience in school. I value student voice and encourage students to communicate with me their ideas so that we can collaborate and support each other throughout the school year.  Students have several options for working with faculty and administration to plan safe, respectful events as well as engage in personalized studies and projects that allow students to explore their interests and passions. 

Thank you, and I welcome your questions, feedback, and reflections.


Gretchen Muller

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