SES Change in Teacher Caravan Date

Teacher Caravan is now scheduled for 6/12, 11:00 AM

Chromebook & iPad drop-off for families with last names beginning D, E & F has been extended until 1:00 PM on Friday

Due to rain and possible thunderstorms, the Teacher Caravan has been changed to Friday, June 12th at 11:00 am. Teachers will line-up in their cars (or motorcycles) in the bus loop at SES as we host our first ever Teacher Caravan.  The teachers’ sole purpose is to make children smile and feel loved… by driving past as many family homes as possible. Please plan on being outside in the late morning of the 12th as we send our students off to enjoy summer.

Here’s the route:


Leave Stowe Elementary School and head up Stowe Hollow Road to Upper Hollow Road.

We will then turn right and head toward Emily’s Bridge.  At the bridge we will turn left on Gold Brook Road to route 100.

Take a right and head north and turn onto River Road to Moscow Road. 

Turn right on Moscow Rd to Nebraska Valley and turn around on Beech Hill.

We will then head back up past Stowe High School on Barrows Road and turn right onto Luce Hill Road to route 108.

Turn left on the Mountain Road and head to the Matterhorn where we will turn around.

We will head down the Mountain Road and turn left onto Edson Hill Road.  We will head up Edson Hill to Percy Hill Road where we will take a left.

From Percy Hill Road, we will head to West Hill Road down to route 100 again.

We will turn left onto route 100 North to Mansfield View.  We will take a right onto Mansfield View and then turn right onto Worcester Road.  We will head around Worcester Loop and back down to route 100.

We will take a right onto route 100 and head to Moss Glenn Falls Road. (This might be a tough spot to turn around)  We will turn around and then head to Stagecoach Road.

Once we are on Stagecoach Road, we will turn left onto Moulton Lane where we turn around at the “Y” on Moulton Lane.

We will then take a right on Stagecoach and head back to SES.


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