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Hello Everyone!  Another week has sped past, as has yet ANOTHER Patriots championship, which means it is time for a blog update.  Short and sweet this week, (unless you click all the links!).

SSD Update - SES Principal Marty Lacasse to Retire in June


It is with a heavy (on the systems end), yet happy (on the so great for you!) heart that I can announce that Stowe Elementary’s Principal Marty Lacasse has announced she will be retiring from the school district at the conclusion of this school year.  We are beyond grateful for Marty’s years of service to our kids, as a music teacher and as a school leader, and we wish her the best in the future. We look forward to welcoming a new principal in the coming year, but know that it will tough to replace a wonderful person like Mrs. Lacasse.


Curriculum Update - Q2 Mastery Reports Mailed Home on 2-8-19


Mastery Reports were mailed out to families on Friday, February 8, 2019.  Please be sure to examine them, and to review the report with your child. It is a great practice to ensure that all students know that their parents are concerned with their overall academic performance.  As always, remember that if your student is performing at or above target, they are in fine shape and we should expect them to be achieving an end of course score somewhere on or between Proficient (4.0) or Proficient With Distinction (5.0).  As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to your child’s academic progress or mastery reports and how reporting works, do not hesitate to reach out to their teachers, our school counselor Patti Tomashot, their teacher advisor, or myself.


Curriculum Update - Time of the Year for ESTs


With the release of each Quarterly Mastery Report, our Student Support Team spends time analyzing data provided by Central Office in order to identify which students may be struggling, and think about ways in which the school can assist those students and their families.  One of those ways is to contact parents and arrange an EST meeting. EST stands for Educational Support Team, and it is a process put in place in order to better understand the reasons for a student’s lack of success, and to offer concrete, measurable interventions that will hopefully lead to increased performance over time.  If you are contacted for an EST, please try your best to make the appointment. If you think your student might benefit from a meeting with the EST, do not hesitate to contact our Director of Counseling, Patti Tomashot.


Curriculum/Counseling Update - New Master Schedule Planned for School Year 2019-2020


For the past several years, Stowe High School and Middle School have had scheduling committees examining the need for shifts and changes to our master schedule.  After a long process of assessing school needs, and consulting research on those areas and on the practice of scheduling itself, the committee has recommended changes for next year.   To learn more about these changes, please utilize the below link to information on the new master schedule. Should you have questions or concerns about what you read, we will be holding an informational meeting this coming Thursday, February 14, at 6 PM in the Auditorium.  This information is being mailed directly to your homes, along with information concerning grading and reporting distributed in my last blog. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.


For more information on master schedule changes, click HERE.


Curriculum Update - SHINE Internship Program Launches Early


We are happy to announce that SHINE, the Stowe High Internship Experience, has its first cohort of students beginning their internships this semester! SHINE is being supervised by Stowe High teacher Roger Murphy, who received a Rowland Foundation Fellowship this year to develop the program. Beginning this month, we will have students working in three locations: Spruce Peak Performing Arts, Tektonika Studio Architects, and the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. Other internships for the spring are in development as well, and next year’s Juniors and Seniors will have the chance to sign up for SHINE as a class for the fall of 2019. More information is available on the SHINE website, including research regarding the benefits of internships for both students and businesses. If you are interested in learning more about the program for either your student or your business, please contact Roger ([email protected]) or use the form on the website.  A course description is below:


SHINE: Stowe High Internship Experience.


This course is designed for students to explore the world of work through a structured, supervised internship experience. Students will work with the SHINE coordinator on pre-internship activities and preparation, and then be paired with a mentor in the greater Stowe community in the career field of their choice. The student is expected to complete 40 hours of work at the internship site (schedule to be determined by the mentor and student, could be school hours, after school, weekends, etc.) and to attend bi-weekly class meetings once the internship has been arranged.  Students will be assessed using LSSU Mission Related Goals (Construct, Express, Act) and specific work site skills. This is a flexible, fantastic opportunity for students to get professional experience and school credit at the same time. Open to Juniors and Seniors. Prerequisite: A demonstrated work ethic. Evidence for this could be from your SHS Scholarly Habits, a volunteer position, a paid job, or a personal project you have completed. Semester Course for .5 credit and may be extended/repeated for other internship opportunities.


Athletics Update  - Unreal Fever


Athletic Director Kevin Lipple and I want to thank all parents and families for the high levels of support we have noticed at many of our recent home games for various teams.  All of our student athletes are currently representing their school with high levels of both achievement and sportsmanship, and we are impressed by the school spirit we continue to see expressed by the large crowds coming to view our athletes compete.  Please continue to remind your students that whether they are an athlete or a spectator, they are always representing Stowe High School, and their positive actions on the court, slopes, rink, or in the stands demonstrate the character of our school. We were thrilled to see our stands packed for recent basketball games, to witness our Boys’ Hockey team achieve a notable victory against Essex, and to watch our Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball teams compete hard against Danville and PA.  the more support we can provide our athletes and dedicated coaches, the better, so please do continue to come on out to see our kids strut their stuff!


That is it for this week!  As always, if you have any questions regarding the information above, please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected], or call the school.






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