SSD Board Brief - February 5, 2018

With guidance from Superintendent Tracy Wrend, the Board developed a process for oversight of the implementation of Proficiency Based Learning.  The board systematized a process that is both lean and agile, in keeping with management best practices and appropriate to the current stage of PBL implementation. It is the board’s role to listen, provide oversight through the lens of board principles, and remove obstacles, while other stakeholders -- teachers, students, administrators, and parents -- are responsible for other aspects of the process. In keeping with agile management practices, the superintendent is forming a small task force to focus on transcripts and the school profile that will go to postsecondary institutions. The board would especially like to thank Tom Richards for his expertise in lean and agile practices as we move on to the next stage in this iterative process.

On February 26, at 6:00 PM in the Akeley Memorial Building, the board will conduct our public information meeting on the FY19 budget. Community members are encouraged to read the budget materials in advance and attend this meeting in preparation for Town Meeting.

At Town Meeting, the board will seek community input on our policy regarding public use of school facilities. The current policy allows for public use of these buildings as long as it does not interfere with school-related functioning. Community members interested in having a voice in this discussion should attend Town Meeting for this conversation.

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