SSD Board Brief - March 19, 2018

The SSD Board had a busy first meeting with newly appointed Board members, Lindsey Lamb and Leigh Pelletier. The first order of business was the appointment of positions for Chair, Cara Zimmerman; Clerk, Leigh Pelletier; and the LSSU Board, Jim Brochhausen, Tiffany Donza, and Cara Zimmerman.

School Safety
Tracy Wrend discussed how the administration is working in conjunction with the Stowe Police Department (SPD) to enhance school safety. The SPD has increased its presence at the schools, both monitoring the grounds and providing safety education to students. 1. Buildings and Grounds. The schools in the LSSU are some of the first schools in Vermont to be 911 compliant, with quick access to 911-communication in each room. The concern about the lack of walls at SHS continues to be assessed, but there are safety mechanisms in place to provide students with the ability to lockdown or escape quickly. 2. Training. The SPD is working with SSD to implement ALICE (active shooter civilian response training of Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). Planned ALICE training schedule: SPD in the spring, faculty/staff in August, and then students beginning August-September. 3. Prevention. The schools all have site based crisis teams to identify and support not only at-risk students but also community members. The principals reported that these teams have been working well to provide a broad range of needed services. 4. Site Assessment. SPD will be the lead in school safety site assessments and will share this information with the Vermont School Safety Center. 5. Further Information. This link will provide you with additional information about school emergencies.

Should the SSD Board pass a school safety anti-gun resolution? Jim Brochhausen raised this question, and the Board agreed to put this on the April 2 agenda for a full discussion.

Capital Projects Update
Tracy Wrend will be reaching out to those community members who volunteered to be on the Capital Projects Committee to set up the first meeting. Assuming all volunteers are still able to serve, the committee will consist of 6 community members and 1 SSD Board member. Administrative staff will also attend the meetings to assist with the process. Only members of the committee will have a vote; and the final decisions of the committee will be presented to the Board for approval.

Chinese Language and Culture Program
The SSD Board unanimously approved transferring $29,200, the tuition from its 2 Chinese students in this year's budget, to support the establishment of a Chinese Language and Culture Program fund. This fund is being developed in conjunction with Spiral International to support Chinese educational programs throughout our supervisory union. The fund will allow the addition of a teaching intern who can assist with expanding opportunities for students to learn about Chinese language and culture. Further, the fund will safeguard against capacity and economic fluctuations, and it will help ensure that we have sustainable and high quality Chinese educational programs throughout our supervisory union.

Act 46
Cara Zimmerman, Stephanie Craig (EMUU Board), Peter Clarke (consultant) and Tracy Wrend met with the Secretary and AOE staff on March 7, 2018, regarding our Act 46 application.  Cara and Stephanie reviewed highlights from the Act 46 study and process. They answered questions and shared brief highlights related to ?cooperative efforts between EMUU and SSD, and they answered questions about options for regional collaboration and/or redrawn SU boundaries beyond LSSU. Tracy discussed sending in a supplemental page to update new developments in SSD's and EMUU's collaborative efforts.

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