SSD Board Brief - May 7, 2018

Discussions at the SSD Board meeting focused on issues that have been priorities throughout the year: implementation of proficiency based learning, school safety, and the capital project committee.

Proficiency Based Learning (PBL)
Dan Morrison, SMS principal, provided an update on implementation of PBL at SMS. PBL consultants have been leading a series of SMS faculty work sessions and providing teachers and administration with objective feedback. SMS will continue to identify conditions that bring out the best in students and better understand how students' brains work and learn. A plan for targeted support has been developed for the 2018-2019 academic year so that math, science, and literacy teachers will continue to grow their practices for effective PBL instruction in the classroom.

The SHS Transcript Team will be presenting at a future school board meeting, and grading and feedback in a proficiency based system will also be on a future agenda.

Capital Project Committee
The Capital Project Committee had its first meeting May 1, and David Jaqua was appointed chair. During its upcoming meetings, the committee will review details of the facilities audit and plan how to address our space/capacity needs, as well as our safety needs. The committee will be meeting the second and fourth Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 at the SHS library, and these meeting are open to the public. The next meeting will be May 23. Committee minutes will be posted on the SSD Board website page.

School Safety
Principals reported on ongoing work on school safety.  During the Monday of April break, the Stowe Police Department and Emergency Services came to SMS and SHS for training and practice. All three schools had lockdown drills recently, and Stowe PD was there to support, assess the response, and offer feedback. All three principals reported positive feedback on the increased presence of Stowe PD at our schools.

VSBA Resolution Committee
Jim Brochhausen presented a resolution to be sent to the Vermont School Board Association's Resolution Committee for consideration. The proposed resolution urges that any changes to education funding occur prior to development of school district budgets and approval at Town Meeting Day.  The board will continue to discuss the possibility of submitting a resolution at a future meeting. 

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