SSD Board Brief - November 6, 2017

Board Brief November 6, 2017


Superintendent Tracy Wrend informed the board that Stowe High School Graduation will be no sooner than Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Administrators presented information on Mastery Reports, which replace report cards as a method of communicating student progress to parents. Stowe Elementary students will receive Mastery Reports on a trimester basis, while Stowe Middle and High School students will receive Mastery Reports on a quarterly basis. These reports will provide clear information about children’s progress towards proficiency in learning targets. The expectation is that all students--by working hard and maintaining a growth mindset--should reach proficiency or proficiency with distinction by the completion of a course. Parents, students, employers, and colleges viewing transcripts will be able to access an overall course score, breakdown of proficiencies by learning targets, and evidence of the path the student took towards proficiency.

The board reviewed SBAC data for Stowe and Elmore-Morristown Unified Union school districts. The board continues to monitor our students’ achievement in comparison to other comparable schools, the achievement gap between the general population and students who receive free and reduced lunch, and improvement in scores based on actions the district has taken.

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